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Our Objective

Create organizations with the necessary critical mass to make it in the national and international markets

Our Action Plan 
We focus on agrifood processing, distribution, and exports. We look at food biotechnology–derived products that can be promising raw materials for the probiotics, functional foods & nutraceuticals, and prepared foods industries. In addition to specific large scale projects, SGF promotes the kind of development and consolidation that gives companies a competitive edge in local and international markets.


Find out more about our areas of involvement and priority sectors in the agrifood sector.


The Economic Environment of the Québec Agrifood Industry

The scope and capacity for innovation of the agrifood industry generates over 430,000 jobs for people in Québec. 

  • Number of facilities in operation: 1,400
  • Direct and indirect jobs: 436,000
  • Capital spending: $2 billion/year
  • Value of manufacturing shipments: $19 billion/year
  • Export value: $4 billion/year
  • Contribution to Québec’s GDP: $14 billion/year
  • Percentage of Québec’s annual GDP: 6.6%  

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