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Mines, Materials, Energy, Environment
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Our Objective

Attract investments that will spur growth in Québec

Our Action Plan

Mines, Metals and Materials: Unequalled Resources and Know-how
SGF fronts Québec’s unique advantages in seeking to attract mining and metal processing companies. Québec’s operating costs (among the lowest in North America), highly qualified labour force, competitive energy costs, and tax incentives are all benefits companies can take advantage of.

SGF boasts a number achievements in mineral exploration, mine development, and metal production and processing, particularly aluminum and magnesium. We also support the development of companies in the field of leading edge specialty materials—light metals, composites, new ceramics, refractory or heat-resistant metals, superalloys, plastics, technical textiles and others—particularly for the aerospace, land transportation, construction, and industrial equipment industries.

Through its investments, SGF supports industrial applications for these new materials, whether metals, ceramics, composites, polymers or glass. We are also targeting nanotechnologies, which are being used with increasing frequency, particularly in the following industries: automobile and aeronautics, electronics, communications, chemicals and materials, pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies and health care, manufacturing, energy and the environment.
Québec is already in a position to compete with the best nanotechnology research in the world. About 40 small and medium-sized companies operate in this field in Québec. 

Province of Québec


Primary Metals Processing

Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

Number of businesses (2006)




Number of jobs (2005)




Capital expenditures (2006)

$1,0 billion

$1.8 billion

$360 million

Manufacturing production (2005)

$2.9 billion

$16.2 billion

$7.8 billion

Exports (2005)

$3.6 billion

$10.1 billion

$1.8 billion

Energy, Environment and Chemicals: Key Industries in the Québec Economy

SGF has been actively involved in the chemical, petrochemical and energy industries for many years and is now very active in the environment sector.

In chemicals, we are partial to the fine-chemical, petrochemical and speciality-chemical niches. In energy, we assist our partners with energy-generation projects, including projects based on wind power and biomass cogeneration. The manufacture of specialty components and equipment for wind-based energy is another very promising investment target.

Lastly, in the environment sector, our support continues with emphasis on upgrading raw and residual materials available in Québec. Specialty markets, such as water, air, soil and ecotechnologies (cleantech), are central to SGF’s strategic plan.

Province of Québec




Number of businesses

230 (2006)

740 (2001)

700 (2006)

Number of jobs

41,000 (2005)

20,000 (2001)

26,000 (2005)


$22 billion (2002)

$3.2 billion (2000)

$12.7 billion (2005)


$3.6 billion (2005)

$265 million (2005)

$3.9 billion (2005)

Find out more about our areas of involvement and priority sectors in mines, materials, energy, environment.


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