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Advantages of Québec


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Investing in Québec: a good strategic move for your company

Québec: Gateway to the Americas

Québec is a unique and exceptional place noted for its openness and ideally situated to ensure your company’s growth, with a market of 110 million consumers within a 1,000 km radius.


Transportation infrastructures provide quick and easy access to all North American and international markets:


The Montréal and Québec City international airports provide an integrated schedule of practical connections to domestic and international destinations.

  • Montréal is home to the largest container port in Canada and the third largest on North America’s Eastern Seaboard, providing affordable access to the main markets in Central Canada, as well as the U.S. Midwest and Northeast.
  • The St. Lawrence River is open to navigation year round, and its many commercial ports connect Québec to some one hundred countries
  • A railroad network extending over 6,600 km connects all of Canada and the U.S.
A Stable Business Environment
  • In Québec, the rules of business are clear and stay the same from project beginning to end.
  • Many government assistance programs are available to support business projects and development. Companies can qualify for tax credits covering 20% to 40% of R&D expenses, and they enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in North America.
  • Québec boasts 19 university facilities, including three university hospitals. This world-class network of universities and research centers makes Québec a highly conducive environment to innovation. From developing new products or applications to improving existing industrial processes, R&D is an everyday affair for companies in Québec.
  • Operating costs are among the most affordable in North America, and the setup and operating cost index is among the lowest of all G7 countries. The cost of living in Montréal is the lowest of all large cities.
  • A multitude of easily accessible industrial parks and sites are available at very competitive rates.
  • Electricity rates are among the lowest in North America, and the supply is reliable and secure.
  • Public healthcare costs are competitive and provide all Quebecers with access to free, high quality care. 

Our Human Capital: A highly qualified labour force 

Québec boasts nearly 855,000 scientific or technical professionals. Montréal, its largest city, is home to the highest number of engineers in Canada and over 60% of all engineering consulting firms. Along with San Francisco and Seattle, Montreal has one of the highest rates of high tech jobs per capita in North America.


This abundant labor force has led to the development of high tech industrial clusters in the fields of aerospace, petrochemicals, shipping, information and communication technology, and life sciences.


Exceptional Quality of Life and a remarkable environment 

Parkland, mountains, lakes and rivers, and diverse plants and wildlife help make Québec a truly remarkable living environment. Its safe and vibrant cities provide a wide range of recreational activities, along with an incredibly rich world of modern culture


Find out more about Québec 


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