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Information and Communication Technologies

Our Objective
To promote the development and upholding of Québec’s ICT companies and to contribute to structuring projects for Québec’s economy.

Our Action Plan
We support companies which are active in growing market segments that are promising for Quebec’s economic development.

SGF offers customized financing for Québec ICT companies that want to expand. We also provide assistance for large technological projects and for foreign companies that want to undertake such projects in Québec.

Click here for more information on our involvement and sectors of activity in information and communication technologies, or our investment criteria

Information and Communication Technologies in Québec
ICT is one of the largest industrial clusters in Canada. Québec is the ideal location in North America for the development of information and communication technology (ICT) companies. Many Québec companies are noted for the high calibre of their manpower and innovative flair.

A few figures about ICT in Québec: 

Number of businesses

6 250


134 000

R&D expenditures

$1.1 milliard


$20.4 milliards


$4.9 milliards

Source : Statistiques Canada

ICT in the world: increasing consolidation
Since 2003, we have seen increasing concentration in certain sectors of the industry, which has resulted in larger companies and more intense competition. The world’s 250 largest companies are becoming even more dominant, with 49% of industry revenues in 2005, versus 46% in 2000.

ICT in Québec: a highly fragmented sector
Québec’s ICT industry is made to a large extend of many small companies that offer little leverage. According to E & B Data, almost 80% of Québec’s ICT companies have no more than 25 employees.

SGF offers customized financing to Québec ICT companies that want to expand. We wish to be involved in the sector’s growth and consolidation.

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