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For more than 40 years, Société générale de financement du Québec has been a part of major projects in Québec in several industries, lending its financial support and expertise. It forges partnerships with world-leading companies in strategic fields that leverage the well-established knowledge economy in Québec and the recognized technology skills there, along with its abundant natural resources, reliable infrastructures and competitive, quality business environment.

At SGF, we look to the future and believe in it, and we want to continue down the same path, playing an active part in the growth of high-performance companies in Québec.

At SGF we believe in the value of each employee leading a balanced life, and seek opportunities to encourage all of our personnel to grow and thrive, personally as well as professionally. That vision and commitment find concrete expression in our global remuneration plan, which includes pay, a comprehensive group insurance plan and a wealth of other benefits.

SGF recruits the best people, based on competency and experience level. Our team is a diversified one, whose members are keenly aware of their key role in the attainment of the organization’s objectives and in ensuring the success of the companies in its portfolio.

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