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Our Objective
Help companies consolidate and innovate to foster a viable, sustainable industry


Our Action Plan

Fierce global competition and the strengthening Canadian dollar are bringing heavy pressure to bear on the forest products industry. Consolidation, modernization, and innovation are the keys to a number of expanding specialty markets, including structural and nonstructural wood components, engineered wood, printing paper, bathroom tissue, fine paper, and furniture manufacturing. We are involved in all stages of the forest product development chain, including sawmills; pulp, paper, and cardboard plants; and more. We also take part in projects involving the supply chain or product commercialization. 


Find out more about our areas of involvement and priority sectors in the forest product market.

The Forestry Industry, a Pillar of the Québec Economy.

The forestry industry is one of the leading sectors of the Québec economy. Over 200 communities throughout Québec enjoy its benefits. This industry provides employment for over 150,000 Quebecers.

  • Productive land base: 518,000 km2
  • Number of facilities in operation: 350
  • Direct and indirect jobs: 150,000
  • Capital spending: $2 billion/year
  • Value of manufacturing shipments: $20 billion/year
  • Percentage of Québec’s manufacturing shipments: 16%
  • Export value: $12 billion/year
  • Percentage of Québec’s annual GDP: 3%

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