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Our Groups
Mines, Materials, Energy, Environment
Forest Products
Technologies and Life Sciences

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Priority Sectors 

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Our Objective
Attract investments that will spur growth in Québec

We act as partners for businesses in the mines, metals, and materials industries that develop and promote the mineral wealth of Québec by investing in the following specialty markets: 
  • Emerging advanced materials (composite materials, new ceramics, polymer, high-strength steels, superalloys, refractory metals, and heat
    protection materials
  • Fabrication of new or improved high tech products that add value to widely distributed materials
  • Metals processing

Does your project fit with our objectives and priority sectors?

Find out more about our investment criteria for the Mines, Materials, Energy, Environment sectors.

In chemicals, energy, and the environment, our actions are aimed at upgrading facilities as well as modernizing and developing existing companies. Moreover, we collaborate on projects up or down the supply chain from existing industries as well as projects by local companies wishing to increase their market share in Québec, North America, and even around the world.

- Petrochemicals
- Fine and specialty chemicals
- Hydroelectricity (except that generated by large dams) 
- Wind energy 
- Biomass cogeneration 
- Manufacturing of equipment and components for
  generating and transporting electrical power

- Water 
- Air 
- Contaminated soil 
- Waste

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