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Annual Report

Annual Report

Financial Highlights 2007 

Strategic Orientations and Mission 

Message from the Chairman 

Message from the President and General Manager 

Questions and Answers 

Impact on the Québec Economy 

Review of Activities 

Financial Review 

Board of Directors and Corporate Governance 

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Pierre Shedleur*
President and General Manager         
 Christian Lessard*
    Communications and Marketing
André Roy
Senior Vice-President, Administration
 Chantal Malo*
    Vice-President, Corporate Planning
    and Strategic Information
Jean-Jacques Carrier*
Vice-President and Chief
Financial Officer
 Pierre Laplante
    Vice-President, Project Management
Marc Paquet*
Vice-President, Legal Affairs
and Corporate Secretary
 Jean-Yves Tardif
    Vice-President, Human Resources
Yves Bourque*
Senior Vice-President,
Investment Support and Management
 Silvana Travaglini
    Vice-President and Controller
Daniel Boulais*
Senior Vice-President, Investments,
Agri-Food Group
 Jean Rocheleau
Georges Kobrynsky*
Senior Vice-President, Investments,
Forest Products Group
 André-Gilles Frigon
    Assistant Treasurer
Pierre Puglièse*
Senior Vice-President, Investments,
Technologies and Life Sciences Group
 Nicolas Potvin
    Legal Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Luc Séguin*
Senior Vice-President, Investments,
Mines, Materials, Energy,
Environment Group

 * Management Committee member

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