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Data centers (also called “Server farms”) are a sector with considerable economic potential for Québec.

Their emergence in recent years and their substantial growth is due to explosive use of the Internet and is also driven by such factors as the rising number of mobile terminals1 used to access the Internet.

Québec has a unique natural competitive advantage, since it has all of the five vital conditions for the development of data centers at the lowest possible cost. Québec offers:  

  1. An abundant supply of competitively priced hydroelectricity (a source of energy that is reliable, renewable and one of the most ecological);
  2. A huge territory offering large quantities of land at reasonable cost;
  3. 3. A cold climate for a large part of the year, reducing the need for air conditioning ;
  4. A large pool of skilled human resources (in science, engineering, construction and business) and ; and,
  5. An efficient, sophisticated telecommunications .
SGF intends to contribute to the development of this sector by establishing partnerships with well-managed companies that want to accelerate their growth. 

1  Such as cellular telephones with a web interface, BlackBerry personal digital
   assistants, iPhones and other devices.

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