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Our Objective

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Our Action Plan
SGF has been actively involved in the chemical, petrochemical, and energy industries for years, and has now added the environment to its specialties. Our particular focus is raw and residual materials available in Québec. We guide our partners in their energy production projects, including those based on wind power and biomass cogeneration. SGF’s investment targets also include the manufacture of specialty components and equipment for wind-based energy, as well as specialty markets in water, air, soil, waste treatment, and ecotechnologies (cleantech).


Find out more about our areas of involvement and priority sectors in chemicals, energy, and environment.

Leading Industries in the Québec Economy

Chemicals, energy, and the environment are at the cutting edge of Québec industry.

The chemical industry has developed around inorganic products, thanks to the vast pulp and paper market, access to a major source of raw materials generated by the mining industry, and the availability of hydroelectric energy. The presence of a crude oil refinery has also enabled the development of a full range of petrochemical operations. A number of companies in the specialty chemicals sector complete the picture.

As for energy, it has primarily developed around the major hydroelectric generation complexes. Today, the sector is increasingly turning to alternative forms of energy production, such as wind power and biomass.

The environment industry has benefited from the growing interest in clean technologies, responsible resource management, and the treatment and control of all types of emissions.

Number of facilities in operation: 

  • Chemicals: 350
  • Energy: 230
  • Environment: 740

Direct and indirect jobs: 

  • Chemicals: 150,000
  • Energy: 13,000
  • Environment: 20,000

Value of manufacturing shipments: 

  • Chemicals: $4.8 billion/year
  • Energy: $2.3 billion/year
  • Environment: $3.0 billion/year

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