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2005-2009 Development Plan


With the Quiet Revolution in full swing in the early sixties and the challenges of the modern world at its doorstep, the Québec government created a variety of economic tools and institutions—such as SGF—to secure a place for itself among the world’s most prosperous economies. Today, Québec faces new challenges and must rethink its priorities.

Given the evolving world economy, changing demographics, the state of public finance, and the challenges of sustainable development, SGF has drawn up a strategic plan on how to effectively contribute to Québec’s economic development.


Download the complete "Plan de développement 2005–2009 (French only - 48 pages)


Download by section

  • Section one: A portrait of SGF and its transformation over the years from an industrial group manager to a project development corporation, with information on the current status of its investment portfolio
    Download the detailed portrait and history of SGF (123 ko)
  • Section two: World economy trends and priority issues, including the major gains made, the emergence of a generation of entrepreneurs, the challenges facing Québec, globalization, and competition for foreign investors
    Download the analysis of economic development challenges in Québec
    (French only - 6 pages)
  • Section three: Refocusing SGF activities. New government policies, the Brunet Report and the state of venture capital in Québec, and our competitive advantages
    Download the SGF repositioning strategy (4 pages)
  • Section four: Priorities and strategies. Economically stimulative projects, business consolidation in specialty sectors, accelerating the growth of successful firms, and keys to SGF’s success
    Download the SGF priorities and strategies (French only - 19 pages)
  • Section five: Economic and financial objectives. Financial plan, consolidated earnings forecast
    Download the SGF Economic and financial objectives plan (4 pages)

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