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Advantages of SGF


Weighing in as a solid partner


To contribute to the devlopment of companies on local and international markets, you have to measure up. With our advantages, we brings added value to your team:

  • Superior financial capacity
  • Equity participation and long-term commitment (5 to 12 years)
  • Multidisciplinary teams of experienced professionals
  • Access to government networks
  • Association with international partners
  • Complementary actions to those of private investors
  • Equitable risk sharing

Get more—and better—with SGF
Every investment project is unique. We identify the risks of the project, formulate a response adapted to any constraints or requirements, and put forward concise recommendations and a concrete plan. Aside from our financial contribution, we offer partners indepth expertise in their sector.


By teaming up with us, you benefit from one-of-a-kind assistance and expertise:

  • In assessing your project’s technical and commercial feasibility—our advisors and engineers combine their expertise and knowledge to provide accurate and realistic assessments.
  • In negotiating your agreements—our legal advisors contribute directly to the quality of the contracts needed for your project to succeed.
  • In developing your financial structure—our financial experts optimize financing sources to better control the risks of market instability.
  • In selecting a site—we combine our experience with site, service, and construction cost assessment with your knowledge of your company’s needs and capacity for the best possible results.
  • In recruiting your resources—the quality of your management team makes all the difference when you launch, expand, or relocate a project, which is why SGF gets directly involved in the recruitment of the best personnel.
  • In improving your communications—our team of seasoned public relations experts will help you plan your company’s communications to get your story out.

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