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SGF is in the movie business. Not to step out onto the red carpet but to strengthen Québec’s position in a global industry where it excels through its originality, creativity, quality manpower and technical expertise.

In 2007, we formed a partnership with Lionsgate, one of the world’s largest independent film producers, with a catalogue of more than 11,000 tittles, many of them award winners. Over four years, we will invest up to US$140 million in feature films and television series made in Québec and representing an overall investment of US$400 million. The benefits for Québec are for real: 6,700 jobs and wages exceeding C$270 million. 

As a result of SGF’s involvement in the film industry, four feature films and one television series have been shot in Montréal in the past year, and the distributor Alliance Films has moved its head office to the city. 

"We are delighted to partner with SGF in the financing of our growth. This transaction reflects our commitment to form innovative and cost-effective alliances to continue expanding our television and motion picture production.".

Jon Feltheimer
Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 


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