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The difficulties experienced by the forest industry made headlines in 2007. But if the forest is very much a part of our past, it is surely just as much a part of our future.

In 2007, we invested $37.5 million in Induspac, a member of the new generation of high-value-added forestry companies.

A Québec leader packaging, Induspac has reinvented itself over the years to offer solutions adapted to the specific needs of its customers in the aerospace, automotive, medical technology and telecom sectors. It has also ensured its vertical development by moving into the manufacture of components, such as protective foam.

The company, by Paul Gaulin in 1977, is expanding rapidly and SGF’s investment
will enable it to implement its international
expansion plan.

SGF, a partner of the forest industry for more than 40 years, is involved this time in its renewal.

“This investment by SGF arrives at a watershed moment in our corporate development. It will enable us to increase the size of our distribution network and in turn ensure better penetration on the international markets.

We will be looking to acquire strategically positioned smaller companies and incorporate our business methods and network into theirs.

This will ensure we remain an active player in the international consolidation of the packaging market.”

Paul Gaulin



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