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  SOQUEM inc.
  600 Centrale Avenue 
  Val-d’Or (Québec) J9P 1P8
  Telephone :  
  Fax :



The mission of SOQUEM, a wholly owned subsidiary of the SGF, is to undertake exploration, development and mining activities throughout the province of Quebec.

Created in 1965 as a government corporation, SOQUEM has contributed directly to the discovery and development of five mines in Québec, three of which are still in production today.

SOQUEM places special emphasis on joint ventures with partners in order to join forces and share the risks and investments associated with mining exploration.

The Company is strongly involved with its partners in the search for new exploration technologies to improve exploration efficiency and to accelerate the discovery of new mineral deposits. By virtue of these many activities, SOQUEM continues to be a major player in the diversification of the mineral economy of Quebec.

The head office of SOQUEM is located in Val-d’Or, with a regional office in Chibougamau.

SGF participation: 100%

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