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Boucherie Jean-Guy Soucy Inc.

Boucherie Jean-Guy Soucy inc. opened in June 1976. At that time, the company, located in L’Acadie, near Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, was involved exclusively in retail sales. The founders, Jean-Guy and Jacqueline Soucy, quickly saw that their expertise would give them an advantage on the wholesale and food-services markets too.

In 30 years, what was originally a regional business has become a leading-edge company supplying major supermarket chains with primary-processing, value-added and private-label products. In doing so, it has won the trust of companies across Canada and the United States.

Pierre and Nathalie Soucy took over from their father in 2004 after gaining 24 years of experience with the company
SGF participation: Not available
Amount invested by SGF: 5 M$

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