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SGF makes public a comprehensive study on venture capital in Québec

Montréal, January 14, 2004 - Société générale de financement du Québec (SGF) recently made public the comprehensive study on venture capital which it carried out with the principal venture capital providers in Québec.


Entitled “Situation et enjeux du capital de risque” (Venture capital - situation and status), the study was undertaken by a consortium comprising Secor and Ernst & Young. In addition to drawing an inclusive portrait of the industry, it also provides the first ever in-depth analysis of demand for venture capital in Québec. Over 60 interviews were held with representatives from all areas of the industry across Québec.


In addition to putting into perspective the situation observed in certain benchmark regions elsewhere in the world and analysing the factors which contributed to their success, the study also diagnoses the health of our industry and proposes several measures to meet the investment challenges for venture capital in Québec.


“Because of the scope and quality of the analysis it makes of our industry, this study became the key working tool as we reflected on SGF’s role and enabled us to come up with specific solutions to re-focus SGF’s mission to better adapt it to the current context in Québec. SGF will work together with the venture capital industry during the transition which its reorganization will require and will continue to monitor the industry’s development to ensure that SGF’s interventions remain relevant and appropriate”, declared Henri A. Roy, Chairman of the Board, President and General Manager of SGF.


The study may be downloaded from the home page of SGF’s web site (sgfqc.com). (French version only).


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Sylvie Brousseau
Director, Communications and Public Relations


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